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Established in 2010, Bnk To The Future (BF) is the World's First Regulated Crypto Securities Business. We've helped over 150,000 Investors Build & Protect their wealth using Bitcoin and facilitated over $1bn of investment through our Online Investment Platform. This includes investments in: Bitcoin and Ethereum from their beginning, as well as becoming shareholders in CoinBase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Robinhood, BitPay, Circle, Blockchain.com, Ripple Labs, Bitstamp and many more.

We were there from the first Bitcoin conference in the World and started investing in Bitcoin when it was just $3. We were mining ETH for our Investors from day one when it was under $1. We also created the world's first Ether Mining Backed Security that paid our Investors tens of thousands of daily ETH dividends. Bitcoin & ETH have consistently remained the top two cryptocurrencies with the most regulatory clarity, but they are very different in three major ways...

...Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: 3 Major Differences You Need To Know

ETH Staking Offers Income

In the beginning, newly created ETH was earned by miners, known as Proof-Of-Work (POW) now they are earned by owners, known as Proof-Of-Stake (POS). If you invested in ETH mining you lost your income to ETH owners. ETH is riskier than Bitcoin because it changes frequently but you get income simply by owning it. Bitcoin is less risky than ETH because it doesn’t change, but you earn no income.

ETH Staking Is Complex

ETH is built to be flexible for developers, but that means more potential issues. Staking ETH requires a minimum of 32 ETH and technical expertise. There are further complexities in setting up validators, as any incorrect behavior or failure to meet obligations can result in penalties known as slashing, ultimately causing a loss of income, and even your principle ETH if you get it wrong.

ETH Staking Has Regulatory Uncertainty

Most regulators classify Bitcoin as a commodity that is treated as property for tax purposes. However, global regulatory and tax uncertainty surrounds ETH Staking, resulting in crypto exchanges having to shut down their Staking service as they are not a regulated securities business.

...Then Why Allocate A Percentage Of Your Income To Our BF ETH Staking Solution™?

Income Every Week

The BF ETH Staking Solution takes care of all the challenging tasks on your behalf, in return for 20% of the ETH income. Your earnings are conveniently deposited into your BF Account, allowing you to choose between restaking for compounded income, withdrawing to your private wallet, or converting to Bitcoin, Stablecoins or fiat currency every Monday. This enables you to accumulate more ETH or Bitcoin each week.

Convert ETH Income To Bitcoin

Our BF Staking Solution, gives you the option to convert your ETH income to Bitcoin, Stablecoins or fiat currency. All who register will also get complimentary access to our BF Wealth Builder Solution™️, once it goes live.

Regulated Certainty

As a registered virtual asset service provider and regulated securities business, we can provide a solution. Even if your ETH staking is considered a security or commodity, we have the capability to offer it. This ensures minimal downtime and helps prevent any loss of income.

How To Earn Weekly Income In ETH,
Bitcoin or USD Every Monday?

Our BF ETH Staking Solution™ allows you to buy and stake your ETH, receive staking income every Monday, and compound it, or convert your income to Bitcoin, USD or keep it in ETH.

We're excited to announce that BF ETH Staking Solution is now available for new and existing non-US resident verified members of Bnk To The Future. To receive full details on how to get started, simply enter your details below*.

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